Sunday, August 26, 2018

Emily Ann

It seems only yesterday that Emily Ann first came into my studio at about eighteen months of age.  She was a beautiful toddler who has turned into a beautiful young lady.  I thought then, ten years ago, what a lucky child she was to have been chosen by God to land in the family of Mark and Gina.  I still think the same, only now I can add how lucky Mark and Gina are to have Emily Ann in their family.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Simply Beautiful

Isn't Lanie the sweetest looking thing ever? She will be included in a section of a new display book for Patti Ford Photography that will highlight the different ages of childhood. And Lanie doesn't just look sweet, she is the sweetest thing ever.  I think I told her "just one more picture" a few times too many and probably wore her out during her session.  She had to wear two outfits for three different backgrounds. That is what is fun with a five year old portrait session, though, they are generally troopers and I can get some great shots. Thanks Lanie!

Road Trip

I left work yesterday at five o'clock and instead of going home for supper, I grabbed a real camera (not a cell phone),  swung by the housetop pick Doug up and we headed out for a short photo excursion.  I often forget how beautiful our area of the world is here in Cherokee County, Alabama.

A perfect gentleman

Thaxton was the perfect little gentleman for his five year old portraits.  I thoroughly enjoyed our session and I think he did too.  He will included in a display book that I am working on that will highlight the stages of childhood.